Prints / Calendars


 These Fine Art Reproductions are produced by a master printmaker using archival inks and media chosen and

approved by the artist at all stages of production and is protected by the Art House Replacement Warranty.

          Edition:       Open

          Media:        430gsm Cotton Poly Canvas

          Inks:           Canon Lucia Pigment 12 Colour

                                                      Artist                                               Master Printmaker

                                                James Hough                                        Mark Lutz

                                                                                                            Art House Reproductions

                                                                                                           Brisbane, Qld Australia

JHOU_009_Dew Drops_web prints

Dew drops

JHOU_006_Morning Tea_web prints

Morning Tea

CANVAS 45*30cms $170
CANVAS 61*91.4cms $550
CANVAS 40*60cms $270

JHOU_007_Spring Romance_web prints

Spring Romance

JHOU_008_The Colonel_web prints

The Colonel

CANVAS 35*61cms $250
23*40cms $130
CANVAS 30*45cms $170


print pack 2013_web prints

Promotional Print Pack of Six Open Edition prints



 perpetual cal 1perpetual cal 2

Perpetual Calendar twelve Images

50 * 11cm